Walk-in Baths

Full sized and compact walk-in baths for accessible bathing solutions that are stylish, practical and easy to use.
The Ness walk in baths UK
The Lune walk in bath

The Como

A full sized, flat base (without integrated seat) walk-in bath. The Como can be used by anyone in the household and is compatible with most bathlifts.

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The Nene walk in bath

The Constance

A full sized walk-in bath with integral, low-level contoured seat. Allows for easier standing and sitting whilst still letting you sit back and stretch out in comfort.

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The Leven walk in baths UK

The Geneva

The Geneva walk-in bath comes in a compact design with integrated moulded seat to help maintain an upright position.

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All the walk-in baths in our range are manufactured in the UK by a team of experts with years of experience offering the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability.

They are easy to use, with no hazardous catches or operating mechanisms.

All Companion Bathing walk-in baths are fitted with a temperature controlled mixer tap as standard.