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Sanitary Ware & Showers

Make the most of your new walk-in bath or easy access shower installation by complimenting it with a wide range of options and extras for your bathroom. Should you have any questions please call one of our expert advisors on 0800 756 2844. Simply click on the feature below to reveal more information.

Sanitary Ware

Our sanitary ware range is easy to maintain with an attractive, non-intrusive design. Our toilets and sinks are ideal for any bathroom environment and will suit the existing suite.

While traditional porcelain ware for the bathroom, with their lower heights, may not suit our access needs as we get older, adapted sanitary ware can make using these facilities easier.

Taller WCs at a level that makes transferring to the seat more comfortable can help us continue to use the bathroom comfortably. We offer two types of high raised WC in our range.

A taller height toilet

Vanity Units

Specifically designed to work with adapted bathroom suites, the size and practicality of these sink vanity units make it easier to access the toiletries and tools we need in the bathroom. Providing discreet storage to hide away anything we don't want on show, the vanity units also have simple handles to make it easier to grip them when opening and closing the unit doors.

The bathroom units are made from materials that are easy to keep clean and offer a dry, suitable place to store everything you need to hand when washing and bathing.

A vanity unit

Mixer Showers

Companion Bathing have a wide range of mixer showers available. Contact us for more details on 0800 756 2844.

A mixer shower

Electric Showers

Companion Bathing have a wide range of electric showers available. Contact us for more details on 0800 756 2844.

An electric shower

Glass Bath Screen

Our stylish glass bath shower screens can be fitted to 'flat top' walk-in baths.

Installing a glass bath screen prevents water from escaping from the bath or shower, in turn averting spillages which could become a slipping or falling hazard in the bathroom.

In addition to the increased safety they offer in the bathroom, durable glass bath and shower screens are a hygienic alternative to fabric or plastic curtains. With an easily wipeable surface, keeping a glass screen clean is simple.

A glass bath screen

Lever Action Taps

Lever action taps are simple to use and require only a small amount of movement to switch between hot, cold or mixed water flow. These taps are safer for those living independently as the easy-to-use lever provides greater control on the flow and temperature of water.

When turning traditional taps on and off can be challenging, lever taps demand minimal effort to operate effectively and only require a simple pushing or pulling action - making them a practical alternative for those with less dexterity or grip in their hands and wrists.

Lever action taps
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