Companion invites grandparents to work

June 2017


With the nation debating the benefits of this week’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day (Friday 23 June #bydtwd) Leeds-based Companion Stairlifts welcomed its own special guests when it hosted a Bring Your Grandparents To Work Day last Thursday (15 June).

Companion provides home adaptations such as stairlifts and accessible bathrooms to customers across the UK. With many of their customers in the 70+ age bracket, Companion felt grandparents of its team would be able to offer valuable opinions and advice about the way the company handles communications ranging from telephone enquiries to websites and brochures.

Companion managing director Clare Brophy explained: “As a company that cares about our customers and what they think of the way we do business, we thought it would be helpful to get the views of some older people on our marketing and communications activities.

“Once we introduced the idea of a Bring Your Grandparents to Work Day our team really got behind it, inviting their relatives to spend some time with us. We had five grandparents join us for an afternoon, listening in to calls and then giving us their thoughts about our brochures and website. It was a fabulous day and lovely to meet our team’s extended family. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Companion arranged for the grandparents to listen to calls dealing with enquiries about stairlifts and accessible bathroom adaptations as well as those to the customer service team.

Jean Birch from Yeadon, whose granddaughter Harriet Cooper works in the easy bathing sales team, said she was very impressed with the way the callers she listened to were treated by Tim Wilkinson in the stairlift sales team.

“The information was spot on. Tim seemed to know exactly what information to offer and really delighted one of the callers when he volunteered to make them an appointment for the next day.”

Keighley couple Peter and Margaret Calderwood’s granddaughter Joely Carr works in the new business development team. They both felt the Companion associates they listened to were courteous and knew just when to bring calls to an end without appearing too pushy.

“We’d be very happy to receive calls like these ourselves,” said Margaret.
Former business owners Betty and Keith Brewster from Shipley felt the day was much more interesting than they had expected. Their daughter Janine and granddaughter Danielle Broadbent both work for Companion, so they were particularly interested to visit their workplace.

“All the customers I listened to were lovely,” said Keith. “We used to run a business so we know just how important it is to make people feel as though they are being listened to and kept up to date with what is happening. Everything we’ve seen today has been fantastic.”

Clare added: “We’re very grateful to all our grandparents for taking the time to give us their opinions and some good ideas which we’ll be looking at in more depth. It was lovely watching them with the team, and we’re all absolutely thrilled that they gave us such positive feedback.”

For more photos of our Bring Your Grandparent to Work Day, please follow our Company Facebook Page here.



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A message from Handicare about our response to COVID-19Close

During these unprecedented times, Handicare remains motivated to provide solutions and support to increase the independence of the physically challenged or elderly, to enable them to live an active life, and to facilitate for their care providers and family.

As we navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic we are acutely aware of the challenges we all face, particularly our older customers and those at increased risk of the illness.

Circumstances are changing rapidly. However, we have a robust supply chain andbusiness continuity plans which we’re reviewing regularly in conjunction with the advice and guidance from the government and public health authorities.

We’re doing everything we can to safeguard our employees, suppliers, partners and customers.

We’re prioritising our ability to keep our factories operational and our teams motivated and mobilised to deliver the service level standards you expect from Handicare.

We’ve tightened our health and hygiene protocols for all our employees and taken steps to keep our factories up and running so that we can maintain ‘business as usual’ as the situation develops.

Many of our office-based employees are working from home thanks to the hard work and swift preparations by our teams. Efforts are on-going to extend remote working to as many people as possible according to priorities and to reduce the risks for people who remain on-site as well as our field-based teams.

Other steps we’re taking include:

We currently have no major challenges. We will continue to supply and maintain our much-needed products and services for the many vulnerable people who are completely dependent on them to make their everyday life easier. We take our responsibility seriously for supporting them, particularly at a time when they’re feeling very worried about the risk to their health of contact with strangers in their homes.

Let us all stay safe and take the necessary precautions to combat this virus.

Can we help you?

The government and the NHS are currently prioritising initiatives to free up hospital beds which can be used for patients who are unwell with COVID-19. The NHS is therefore keen to discharge patients who are well enough to go home if they have the necessary equipment to assist them.

Handicare has a large team of fully qualified surveyors who are standing by to assist by carrying out stairlift and patient handling assessments. We are keen to offer this service as it will help to free up hospital beds.


18 March 2020